4 Popular Go-pro Essentials To Invest In

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The world of cameras are evolving rapidly. If you compared the technology within a span of a decade, it would seem like the future slowly coming true. In the world of camera, the go-pros have sure won the heart of many travelers, photographers and the general public. If you own a go-pro, it would be a shame if you didn’t know how to use it tactically. In order to do that, you only need a few add-ons.

Here are 4 popular go-pro add-ons to invest in.

The Go-Pro head/ helmet mount

Human eye perspective photography and videography has always been such a trending topic ever since. Let it be cycling, hiking or even rowing, go-pro videography serves the camera bearer’s expectations amazingly. There is a difference between the head mount and the helmet mount. Since they’re more or less used for identical situations, buying accessories like this isn’t a waste at all. But when making a purchase, pay close attention to the dimensions and the quality of the holding materials since that’s what’s really important.

The chest mount

Doesn’t matter how your body’s build was, chest mounts for go-pros can work like a magic at all times. If you’ve always been a passionate hiker or even a diver, investing in a body mount can help you create most creative multimedia artwork. If you’re planning on using it underwater, you either need to go for the waterproof kind or buy a waterproof housing separately. When you buy gopro accessories online Australia, you’re highly likely to find all of these items and much for the best price, period.

Handheld mini-tripod

A traveler without a handheld mini-tripod is going to miss some of the amazing shots that can be achieved. This is the type of add-on that works like a selfie-stick but more stabilized and sophisticated. If you’re drunk of wanderlust, you can invest in a cheap dash camera to both record your travel diaries and as a safety assurance in the case of a crash. It is essential to pay attention to the quality of the camera and also the stability of the mount once it’s installed. Because if that wasn’t right, the entire apparatus wouldn’t be so useful.

The grippy tripod

The most amazing feature of this add-on is that your go-pro cam can be fixed almost anywhere. The ground doesn’t have to be horizontal at all. All you need is something slightly rigid to wrap the tripod legs around and you’ll be ready to capture everything artistic.