Know About 3 Popular Types Of Telephone Systems For Your Office

October 28, 2015 Off By Susan Sias

Buying the correct phone system for the business is the most significant decisions for you to make. Phone system is the most convenient and common way for your consumers to get in touch with you. It can also help the proper communication inside your company. Besides cost, there are many other things to consider while selecting the suitable telephone system like your business size, future expansion and accessibility.

If you are seeking to purchase a phone system for your business, you need to figure out many things.

• Do you require a complete telephone system or simply a wireless system?

• In case, you want traditional phone system, which types of services you expect? Do you need landline telephones offered by regional or local phone company or want a system that work on Internet (for example VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol).

• If you prefer VoIp, so you need to install it at the location of your business or you want to have it on cloud ((cloud-based)?

These are the common question that you need to consider before choosing the telephone system. There any basically three types of telephone system recommended for business. They are explained below.

Traditional Phone System: this is the very first and conventional type of phone system. This system consist of Hybrid, PBXs and Key Systems, and all of the systems have one object in common and that’s why the systems are required to be fixed and preserved at the business site. Additionally, they usually need split telephone wiring and require to be preserved by a competent PBX technician. Conventional phone systems that make use of ISDN lines and PSTN lines to give access to the phone network. Most recently, latest PBXs were built to permit for some access technologies, together with Business VoIP or SIP Trunks.

Virtual PBX Systems: this is the second type of telephone system which is also known as hosted pbx. Such system requires internet protocol to function on the basis of per pay service. It means that you will not need to purchase or fix PBX kit. The software that runs the PBX functions is situated at data centre of the carrier and accessed through the internet. Ongoing maintenance is not required in such systems. These systems make use of Business VoIP (SIP Trunks) to offer access to the phone network.

IP PBX: they are third types of phone system that uses internet connection to convey PBX functionality. These systems can be physical hardware or software that can be set up on a server. In both the scenarios, you need to buy software or hardware and ongoing costs for maintenance by a trained technician. IP PBXs usually employ ISDN Digital Lines or Business VoIP (SIP Trunks) to offer access to the phone network.